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At VP Sets, we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of filmmaking through the power of virtual production. We believe in the transformative potential of this approach, and we're dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and expertise to bring your creative vision to life.

Our Story

We weren't satisfied with the limitations of the real world. Sets were expensive, inflexible, and a logistical nightmare. So, we dreamt of a future where creativity could soar. Digikore Studios is a company born from restless minds and a relentless pursuit of "what if ?" We challenged the status quo and dared to ask - could there be a better way? Enter VP Sets. The world's first cloud-based marketplace of virtual production sets. It's a revolution. A paradigm shift. It's the key that unlocks doors to limitless possibilities. This isn't just about efficiency (though,let's be honest, who doesn't love efficiency?). It's about empowering storytellers. Filmmakers, directors, dreamers – we're putting the power in your hands.

VP Sets is more than a platform, it's a portal. It's a gateway to boundless creativity. It's the story of dreamers who dared to defy limitations and, in doing so, opened a new chapter in the art of filmmaking.


VP Sets is poised to become the definitive platform for virtual production, revolutionizing the industry by offering a limitless library of instantly deployable, cloud-based environments. This paradigm shift empowers filmmakers to transcend geographical and budgetary constraints, fostering boundless creative expression.


VP Sets is dedicated to democratizing virtual production technology. Through our innovative cloud platform, we deliver a comprehensive library of high-fidelity virtual production sets, readily accessible and cost-effective for filmmakers of all scales. By streamlining workflows and eliminating logistical hurdles, we empower creators to focus on their vision, accelerating the realization of their cinematic masterpieces.

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Over the past two decades, we've acquired a loyal base of
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Effets Visuels Digikore Inc are not only approachable and professional they deliver the highest quality in Rotoscoping. It was so pixel perfect right down to the hair mattes they provided. They delivered on time, especially in a tight schedule and budget.

THasraf Dulull (Visual Effects Supervisor | VFX Producer) (UK)


My experience in working with Effets Visuels Digikore Inc was one of being very impressed. Your work was excellent and you did everything I asked you to do and then some. I would recommend your company to anybody. Great prices, great service, quality work.

William Riead (Producer / Director) (USA)


Effets Visuels Digikore Inc is a top notch VFX Company, with excellent service and a great track record. We’ve worked with American companies, European companies, and other companies abroad.

David Wulf – Producer – “Your Right Mind”, Dragon Warriors

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