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Revolutionize the way you create. VP Sets, the world's first cloud-based marketplace dedicated to virtual production sets. VP Sets launcher empowers you to bring your creative vision to life with ease, efficiency, and unparalleled quality. This isn't just about stunning backdrops - it's about a complete ecosystem designed to align your workflow and empower your storytelling. With VP Sets Launcher, you unlock a world of features that transform the virtual production landscape.

Effortless Integration

Real-time Validation

Robust Security Controls

Seamless Asset Preview

Dedicated Asset Library

The VPSets desktop application is currently available only for Windows.

Extensive Library

Our collection includes diverse environments, from sprawling cityscapes and breathtaking natural landscapes to futuristic space stations and fantastical worlds. This ever-expanding library eliminates the need for expensive set construction and allows you to

Focus on storytelling

Replace location scouting and construction delays. Dive straight into filming with pre-built sets that perfectly match your vision.

Reduce production costs

Eliminate logistical expenses and resource allocation associated with physical sets.

Enhance creative freedom

Explore limitless possibilities and customize existing sets to create truly unique environments.

How to use

Welcome to VPsets, a comprehensive platform designed to provide users with a vast array of assets for use in virtual production environments. With our user-friendly desktop application, you can create stunning, realistic environments in minutes.

1. Start
2. Explore
3. Learn
4. Download
5. Add
6. View
7. Keep the App
Start by Logging In

Begin your journey with VPsets by logging into our desktop application using the credentials you registered on our website. This ensures a personalized experience tailored to your subscription.

Explore Your Collection

Navigate to the collection page to discover the array of products available for download. These are the assets you’ve subscribed to. If you’re looking to expand your collection, head over to our website to subscribe to more products.

Learn More About Your Product

Click on a product to delve into its details. You’ll find a comprehensive description, technical specifications, and additional images to give you a complete understanding of the product.

Download with Ease

Each product page is equipped with two additional buttons. The first button initiates a download, securely transferring the product from our server to your local machine.

Add to Your Project

The ‘Add to Project’ option lets you select the desired project location and add the product to the respective project directory. For an optimal experience, we recommend choosing the ‘Content’ folder of an Unreal project. This allows you to open the project and utilize our product directly.

View in Unreal Environment

After adding the product to the respective directory, you can view and interact with it in your Unreal Environment. Enjoy exploring your new virtual production environment!

Keep the App Running

Our application is designed to run in the background, enabling additional functionalities. So, while using our products, remember to minimize the app instead of closing it.

The VPSets desktop application is currently available only for Windows.

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